Hey Millennials, Stop Complaining

Donald Miller shares the secret to building a great life
Hey Millennials, Stop Complaining

My name is Ashley, and I’m a Millennial Christian. (Hi, Ashley.) Being a Millennial means I’m on my smart phone all the time; I talk to my friends more on Facebook than I do face-to-face; I tweet; I Instagram; and I complain.

I am an expert complainer: I complain to my friends that all the guys my age aren’t grownups. I complain that I never have any money. And I complain, oh boy, do I complain about my church.

You see, I attend a great church, but there are a lot of things that bother me about it, and a lot of things I don’t understand. But week after week, I show up (at the 11 o’clock service, of course), find the same five friends I always sit with, listen to the sermon, and then leave with my head filled with a little bit more Bible knowledge. I almost always find a few extra criticisms about the worship music, the overdone stage, or the way it seems like nobody reaches out to newcomers.

The same goes for my “young adults” group. I attend feeling cynical about the speakers and less than hopeful about the after-activities. I usually leave early, discouraged, mumbling something about how it’s all headed downhill and how “nobody goes anymore.”

I complain. I criticize. I worry. But I do nothing, because it’s not my job.

Or at least, I didn’t think it was my job.

Alas, God has a funny way of smacking me over the head when I’m skipping merrily down the wrong path, as I so often do.

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Ashley Grace Emmert

Ashley Grace Emmert is a writer, editor, and TCW regular contributor who lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her sweet Southern husband and their small scrappy dog. Find her at ashleygraceemmert.blogspot.com or on Twitter at @ashgemmert.

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