Becoming Who You Are

Intentional living, one step at a time
Becoming Who You Are

I have the best job ever. As a leadership coach, every week I spend time with women who want to make their lives count. Regardless of their age, they share with me they are no longer content with an aimless life. But they’re also not quite sure how to change course or what direction to choose.

Maybe you’ve been there too. Maybe you’ve found yourself saying some of the same things they’ve shared with me:

  • “I don’t know how I got here.”
  • “It seems like other people are doing all the deciding for me.”
  • “I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with my gifts, my skills, my life.”
  • “Is this all there is? There should be something more.”

I love helping women navigate this territory because I can relate. I’ve been there myself.

About five years ago, I was sitting on the dock at my friend’s lake house processing this very thing. My life hadn’t seemed to follow any sort of clear path, and I was questioning just about every decision I had made up to that point. I was thinking, and praying, and asking God about the next chapter in my leadership, my career, and my life.

I dreamed about the impact God wanted to make on the world through me and what really mattered most at the end of a life.

Truth be told, I was secretly wondering if I should just throw in the towel and give up my hopes of making a difference. I was daydreaming of going to work at my local bakery. I figured while I may not be living out my calling, at least I would be bringing sweet, baked bliss to all the people of the world. (Not so bad, right?)

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Julie Pierce

Julie Pierce is a TCW advisor and a certified leadership coach. You can follow her on Twitter at @julie_pierce or on her blog at

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Calling; Career; Intentionality; Purpose
Today's Christian Woman, December Week 1, 2014
Posted December 3, 2014

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