Though I Make My Bed in Hell

Hookers for Jesus founder Annie Lobert on her journey and how she’s helping others

After over a decade in the sex trade, Annie Lobert overdosed on cocaine. Yet miraculously she experienced the truth of Psalm 139:8: “if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there” (KJV). In a hospital room, Annie accepted Christ, and she never went back to her old lifestyle. A few years later, she founded Hookers for Jesus, a ministry that helps women get out of prostitution, get the help and healing they need, and find out who God made them to be.

Now living in Las Vegas with her husband, Stryper lead guitarist Oz Fox, Annie is writing, leading Destiny House, advocating, and speaking God’s Word and the truth about the sex industry. Annie’s is a story of God making all things new—and in her life, that’s everything.

Tell us your story, Annie.

Growing up, I only knew that my mom loved me. My father was a recovering alcoholic, and a very strict, distant parent. I’d go to church and hear God was my Father and think, If God is my Father, he’s jacked up. I had a skewed view of fathers. I wanted love.

In high school I started seeking out love through physical attention. My identity came from the attention I got and what pop culture told me. I started dating a guy who I thought was my Prince Charming. I slept with him; I gave him my whole heart—but he broke it.

My identity came from the attention I got and what pop culture told me.

After graduation I worked three jobs in downtown Minneapolis. I went out to the clubs on my nights off, and one night, my girlfriend and I met these men who we thought were very wealthy businessmen. In truth, they were pimps.

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God's Guidance; Hope; Ministry; Pornography; Sex Trafficking; Transformation
Today's Christian Woman, December Week 5, 2014
Posted December 31, 2014

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