What Every Woman Wants to Hear

Can you guess what it is?
What Every Woman Wants to Hear


It's what every woman longs to feel—that we have a unique place in the hearts of our loved ones. That we cannot be replaced. That we matter.

I think that's why Valentine's Day stings so much for singles. Why it always stung so much for me.

Year after year I watched as friends, neighbors, mothers, and even grandmothers received attention and gifts on Valentine's Day. I watched as coworkers received flowers and big bouquets of red roses that screamed: special!

On a day when men honor the women in their lives just for being who they are, my desk at work sat conspicuously bare in a sea of flowers that would have done a wedding proud. I worked to keep my face blank and pleasant as the conversation flew back and forth.

"My husband's taking me to . . ."

"My boyfriend got tickets to . . ."

"We're just going to stay home this year . . ."

Never mind what it was—it was something! A plan! Every woman, it seemed to my single soul, had plans that night, even if the plan was simply to not have plans.

As I left my bare desk to go home and watch TV on yet another Valentine's Day, nothing could be more obvious to me: I was not special.

Valentine's Day is a day of exaltation: a day in which men hold up their wives or girlfriends as beloved. Giving them tokens and symbols of not only affection, but as a validation of their very worth like in the passage in Proverbs, "Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all" (Proverbs 31:29, NIV).

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Alone; Discontent; Intimacy; Loneliness; Relationship with God; Self-Worth; Valentine's Day
Today's Christian Woman, February Week 2, 2014
Posted February 5, 2014

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