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February Week 4 issue

February Week 4, 2014

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Living the Gospel—Out LoudMember Access Only
Evangelism may not be one of my spiritual gifts, but I'm still called to tell people about Jesus.
6 Ways to Love Your Unbelieving Husband
6 Ways to Love Your Unbelieving HusbandMember Access Only
What to do when you and your mate are spiritually mismatched
A Faith-Sharing FrenzyMember Access Only
How "speedfaithing" helps build deep connections across religious lines
Mission: MillennialsMember Access Only
Re-imagining evangelism with today's 20somethings
Romans 10:15
Romans 10:15Member Access Only
Sharing the gospel

Bonus Articles

Why Your Friend Needs Jesus: Tough Love and Evangelism
Why Your Friend Needs Jesus: Tough Love and EvangelismMember Access Only
In my effort to accept my non-Christian friend, was I being too "quiet" about the gospel?
Evangelism at Work?Member Access Only
The role your faith can play in the office
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August 03, 2020
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
There Is No "Safe" JesusMember Access Only
The risky call to love like Christ

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