Jenny & Tyler: For Freedom

A Q&A with a Nashville recording duo on fighting human trafficking in our own backyards

Jenny & Tyler met at the University of Delaware in a Baptist student ministry where they started singing, writing songs, and leading worship together. They have always made music together in one form or another, and eventually started dating and became a duo. After they graduated from college, they got married and moved to Nashville where they became full-time recording artists passionate about the integration of worship and justice.

All proceeds from their November 2013 EP titled For Freedom go directly toward the fight against human trafficking. Here's what the duo had to say about joining the fight against human trafficking that may be happening in your backyard.

How did you first hear about human trafficking?

We first found out about human trafficking in college, and since then, we've seen documentaries, heard stories, and discovered human trafficking happens everywhere. One time, after a show, a girl came up to us and told us her story of how she was involved in human trafficking—her dad was the guy that trafficked her. It was shocking, but she wants the world to know about it now, and she feels bringing it to light is the best thing to do. We also just found out there was a house about a mile from us in south Nashville where international refugee girls were being trafficked.

What's the relationship between worship and justice?

Justice is such a large component of God's character, both in the Hebrew Scriptures, and in the New Testament as well. There are so many references. Unfortunately, people are not very aware of the issue of modern day slavery. So we attempt to invite people into the larger story of redemption by contributing money, gifts, talents, and time to the fight against human trafficking, and we talk about justice at every show. We feel it's an essential part of what we do.

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