Overcoming My Addiction to Cybersex

One woman’s cautionary tale on how to break free
Overcoming My Addiction to Cybersex

I didn’t realize it was already eight o’clock when my younger son asked, “When are we going to eat?”

Irritated, I responded: “Shut up! Can’t you see I’m on the computer?”

I thought it had just been 20 minutes, but when I glanced at the clock, I discovered I’d been online for more than five hours. No wonder he was hungry! The tone in which I’d answered him mortified me. I apologized, signed out of the chatroom, and started dinner.

My response to my son’s innocent question should have clued me in: I was spending way too much time on the Internet. Until that moment, I hadn’t realized how much my visits to the chatroom were getting in the way of our family life. But even though that incident really bothered me, I still didn’t stop.

My Favorite "Place"

My introduction to Internet use began when I was trying to find an appropriate chatroom for my older son. Intrigued, I sat in front of the computer one evening and asked him to show me how to chat. And guess what? It was fun! Within days, this chatroom became my favorite “place” to be.

My entire focus was on the power and control I felt by capturing a man's sexual attention. I didn't understand that, in reality, I was just giving my power away.

While I began spending every spare minute on the Internet, my family began eating more boxed and frozen meals than homemade ones. My husband even started doing the laundry—a household task I normally enjoyed. Nevertheless, I became so enthralled with the Internet that I reached a point at which I couldn’t be bothered with everyday chores. The people I interacted with online became my new best friends—none of my other relationships seemed as important to me as my new online pals. I neglected my main responsibilities and my core relationships and chose to have fun online instead.

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Today's Christian Woman, October Week 5, 2014
Posted October 29, 2014

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