Single in a Sex-Saturated World

Celebrating sexual fidelity and Spirit-empowered self-control
Single in a Sex-Saturated World

Ten years ago, as I began to write and speak on the subject of singleness, I was asked to participate in a conference titled “Sex and the Supremacy of Christ.” In the conference advertisements, my face was pictured right along with those speakers whose names people actually knew.

One of my friends called me when she first spotted this conference promotion. “What in the world are you doing speaking there?” she said, laughing. “You’re not having any sex!”

Womp, womp. Cue the sad trombone.

The "Problems" of Singleness?

Sex sells everything. Add an image of a sexy man or woman to whatever you are trying to sell, and you have the attention of consumers. Faithfulness? Self-control? Not so much.

Not even, sadly, in many quarters of the church. Adults who are currently single, following Christ faithfully in their sexuality, are not often celebrated for their theology or their Spirit-empowered self-control. They aren’t typically given positions of leadership, nor sometimes included in social invitations. In a coupled-up world, people love to fix the “problem” of singleness, but few see it as a glorious opportunity to make the most of Christ’s name in a sex-saturated world.

And I assume, dear readers, that group includes all of us.

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Culture; Purity; Sex; Sexuality; Singleness
Today's Christian Woman, October Week 5, 2014
Posted October 29, 2014

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