Deeper Roots

How two little words can change your whole foundation
Deeper Roots

“I snuck a birthday party invitation into the garbage today,” I confessed to my husband. “It was awesome.”

Recently I’ve been on this quest for fewer because the rat race of “more” has run its course. For too long I had a shallow grasp on many things but craved a deeper focus on a few things. So I decided to start reigning in not only our family calendar but also my home, van, email accounts, and finances. If you have fewer, you’ll get deeper—it’s a confusing but wonderful idea. Upon realizing this truth, the phrase “fewer, deeper” became my filter whenever I had to make a decision, and it echoed throughout my day at every fork in the road.

However, even as I worked on fewer, the deeper part was still lacking. I was organized (for the time being) but not necessarily grounded. Somehow better management of my time and possessions, and a clean vehicle, didn’t magically bring real spiritual peace. I still felt limited by what churned on the inside: insecurities, doubt, fear, and restlessness. I was definitely clearing space, but it was just making me sort of a minimalist jerk with an attitude that said, “I don’t need your goodie bags or your birthday parties because our family is being intentional. Thank you very much.” What I really needed was a de-cluttering of the heart and an invitation for God to do something in the space that remained.

How to Grow Deep

It turns out God had something to say about this. I began studying references to depth in Scripture, and I was repeatedly pointed to the roots of a tree. This is not a new comparison, but Ephesians 3:17–19 was a passage that unlocked a whole new understanding of what I desired:

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Intentionality; Relationship with God; Simplicity
Today's Christian Woman, April 29, 2015
Posted April 29, 2015

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