Multitasking Isn’t a Spiritual Discipline

You can make space for God in your demanding mom-life.
Multitasking Isn’t a Spiritual Discipline

Sometimes I feel like my life is one long to-do list I’ll never complete. I worry that between my family, my work, my home, my church, and the endless commitments I have in all these areas that I’m defined by my inability to get all of it done. To fight this feeling, I often react by trying to do 12 things at once. This is probably most pronounced when I’m at home with my two sons, and I find myself becoming what I call “In a Minute Mom.”

“I’ll be there in just a minute,” I chirp as I throw in a load of laundry while trying to sign up for soccer lessons on my phone or empty the dishwasher while scanning a magazine article. I really do mean it, but when I’m trying to do several things at once, one task easily blends into another. Before I know it, I’ve started wiping down the counter or checking out Twitter or reading a friend’s blog post.

The truth is it’s never just a minute.

And the worst feeling in the world is when one of my children calls me on it: “Mom, you said you’d tie my shoe/read to me/play LEGOs in just a minute, and you still haven’t done it!”

And he’s right. There I am again, trying to do so many things at once that I don’t do anything well. As a result, I can be all too easily swept up in waves of anxiety and worry that make me even more determined to get everything done (all at the same time if possible).

This isn’t the way God designed us to live.

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Today's Christian Woman, April 29, 2015
Posted April 29, 2015

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