How Much Should I Tithe?

3 views on what to do when you feel too stretched to give
How Much Should I Tithe?

More than 2,350. That’s how many Bible verses there are that address money in some way, shape, or form. Some of those verses , others discourage lending or , a few directly against the love of God, and perhaps the most famous Old Testament passage regarding money encourages giving .

But are we still expected to give when we’re financially struggling? When we face a money crunch such as un- or under-employment or debt we are trying to pay off, the question of tithing gets tricky. Is tithing when the budget is tight an act of faith? Or is the wise response to stop tithing in order to clean up one’s finances? Here’s what three experts have to say about tithing during financially tough times.

Trust God and Tithe, No Matter What

Ruth Soukup

I think our natural human tendency, in times of trouble, is to hold back and be stingy. We want to circle the wagons and protect what little resources we have left because we think it all depends on us. But the truth is that whether we have a little or a lot, tithing is an act of faith. It is the moment when we acknowledge that all of what we have belongs to God and that we are not in control. In times of trouble, it is easy to forget that God is so much bigger than our financial struggle, but he is. Because when it comes right down to it, the one who asks us to give is the same God who turned into a meal for five thousand and a ’s small container of oil into enough to provide for all her needs. God has shown over and over again that he will take what little we have and multiply it many times over, but we have to be willing to let him take the reins.

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Today's Christian Woman, January Week 2, 2015
Posted January 14, 2015

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