Stop Performing and Just Be Yourself

It’s okay if you don’t run marathons or out-cook Rachael Ray.
Stop Performing and Just Be Yourself

More than usual, this past year and now looking ahead, the world around us has many women a bit freaked out. Stress about global issues: terrorism, war, ISIS, and the spread of disease consume our newsfeeds. Stories of poverty and injustice crash into our everyday lives. Add to that the pressures and fears inside many of our homes— marriages, careers, education, and financial futures. And by the way, Who am I in this crazy world? Do I have a role to play in this mess? And what is God saying at this time in history? What’s my identity as a global citizen and a Kingdom citizen? It’s exasperating to choose a path through it all.

The best “do-gooder” can feel utterly deflated. The woman hip-deep in doing the next thing can feel guilty for not doing more. For us, the more we know, the more angst we feel over what we do with what we know. Just turn it all off?! But wait, we ask: “Can I really make a
difference? God, is there anything you want little old me to do?” What if the best, most honest answer to these questions was at the same time stunningly simple and astoundingly complex? What if the best answer was simply, “Be you”? Come on—be you.

What Are the Odds?

Be who God made you to be. Step into the gift and responsibility of being truly you. After all, getting you here was a process with a hundred variables. If one person rather than another had died in a war, or childbirth, or the flu epidemic of 1914, you would not be here. If your dad had not seen your mom on that bus, you—your personal DNA, temperament, gifts, and abilities—wouldn’t be here, wrapped up in you as a gift to the world. Stop for just a moment and take in the magnitude of this. You were meant to be here, today, at this time in
history. Your life, breath, and every fiber of your being (whether you love the size, shape, or cellulite you come with or not) was meant to be. God’s strategy for bringing love and healing to this world involves you being truly you.

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Busyness; Calling; Identity; Perfectionism
Today's Christian Woman, January Week 3, 2015
Posted January 21, 2015

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