Do You Take God for Granted?

How to re-ignite your awe of God
Do You Take God for Granted?

I tend to pray comfortable prayers, like “Thank you for another day,” or “Please help so and so,” or “Help me be more like you.” I approach God with a sense of habit and familiarity. These aren’t bad things to pray and, in many respects, my comfort with God is a good thing.

But sometimes I wonder: Am I too comfortable with God? Am I taking God for granted? In my mundane, daily prayers, have I lost sight of who God really is?

The Comfort Problem

My regular prayers may be sweet and simple, but they also reflect something disturbing: my tendency to regard God primarily as the one who gets me through the day. Isn’t my faith meant to be more than this? Am I not called to do more than make it through each day? Shouldn’t I live with a keen awareness of God’s presence and power? Bob Goff said it this way: “Live your life right on the edge of ‘Yikes!’”

If I’m honest, I’m usually more at the edge of “yawn.”

Can you relate? The core of this problem goes beyond just feeling too comfortable in our lives—it’s about how we tend to let our comfort invade our perceptions of God. My fear is that we’ve become too used to the gospel and too flippant about our faith. We often struggle to remember the underlying truth that God is not there just to direct our paths and make sure we don’t screw up (though he does graciously provide direction!). He’s not there to passively receive our list of requests (though he certainly cares about and listens to each item!). He’s not even there just to be sure we live lives that honor him (though he certainly desires for us to do so!).

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Brittany Bergman

Brittany Bergman is TCW regular contributor as well as an assistant copyeditor at Tyndale House Publishers. You can connect with her on Twitter at @NestedNomad or read more at her blog

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Today's Christian Woman, July 22, 2015
Posted July 22, 2015

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