How to Prioritize Your Husband

3 ways to pick your spouse over other commitments

Recently my husband and I were talking to our engaged friends about showing each other love through service. The husband-to-be said, “I feel like you treat a lot of your friends better than you treat me. When they come over, you’re willing to cook a full meal, run errands for them, or listen to their long boring stories without missing a word. Honestly, I just wish you would treat me as well as you treat your friends.”

His fiance sat in silence with a smirk on her face for a few minutes and quietly whispered, “Well, that’s pretty embarrassing. I think you’re right.” I loved observing this interaction from a young couple, but thought to myself, I don’t have that issue.

A week later, I found myself awake until 1 A.M. picking up a friend and dropping her car off at the mechanic, and then waking up at 4:45 A.M. the next morning to spend two hours in the car for an airport drop-off. I was battling a cold, had a huge to-do list in front me, and for some reason I said yes to being a before-the-sun-was-up chauffeur! As I was driving home, I let out a big sigh as I thought about the errand my husband asked me run that same day. Before I even had time to complain, I thought of the observation from my friend, I just wish you would treat me as well as you treat your friends. I laughed out loud as I thought about how God had shown me I’m guilty of the same offense. I treat my friends better than I treat my husband. I was so willing to bend over backwards to help a friend but was frustrated about running a simple errand for Caleb.

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