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Good Ideas for Great Sex

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Good Ideas for Great Sex

The thing about sex as Christian women is this: Sometimes it seems like no one ever talks about it. Or at least, no one seems to talk honestly about the struggles we can face in this area of life. At TCW, we believe it’s high time we open it up for discussion. In Good Ideas for Great Sex, we’ve gathered some of the best new content from Today’s Christian Woman to help you quit singing the bedroom blues. This resource covers topics like:

• How do you go about improving your sex life without fear of hurting your husband’s feelings?

• What if you’re never in the mood?

• What if you’re often in the mood, but he doesn’t seem quite as interested?

• How can sexual struggles affect your spiritual life?

• How can you work through the shame or hurt resulting from sexual experiences, mistakes, and addictions?

Remember, a great sexual relationship with your spouse won’t ever just “happen.” Our hope is these insights will strengthen your marriage as you enjoy God’s gift of sexual intimacy. So go ahead, grab some coffee, and settle in for a good read.

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