How to Improve Your Small Group

Best practices for a better Bible study
How to Improve Your Small Group

Nobody signs up for a Bible study because they want to be bored or lonely. We join up with others to study Scripture, first of all, because it is the life-changing Word of God. It’s just what we need to keep our lives on track and to maintain an intimate relationship with our Savior. And we also engage in Bible study with others because we need real relationships: discussion that goes deep, friendships that reach beyond the surface, and support that buoys our soul during difficult times.

So what will make the difference between a boring small group made up of superficial relationships and an invigorating fellowship that inspires your faith?

You have a key role to play.

Here are our best tips for how to get the most out of your participation in a small group Bible study.

1. Invest in fun! Come to your group ready to socialize: to make friends, to chitchat, to laugh, to play, to snack . . . to have fun! Learn about each other’s lives by catching up on your week, your work, your families, and your favorite hobbies. As you spend time getting to know the people in your group better by having fun together, you’ll deepen and strengthen your relationships.

2. Be real. Nobody wants to be part of a group where you always have to seem perfect. That’s just plain fake, and it certainly won’t contribute to your spiritual growth. So kick the façade to the curb and come ready to be real and vulnerable.

3. Protect confidentiality. To help each other be real and vulnerable, commit as a group to strict confidentiality. Work to make your group a safe place where participants can share in the confidence that what they say won’t be discussed outside the group.

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Kelli B. Trujillo

Kelli B. Trujillo is editor of Today’s Christian Woman. Follow her on Twitter at @kbtrujillo or @TCWomancom.

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Today's Christian Woman, September 30, 2015
Posted September 30, 2015

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