The Wonder Women of Syria

The story of refugees overcoming the devastating effects of war

I marvel at their deep wells that, at times, in the midst of impossibility, approaches superhuman strength. These women that conquer impossible circumstances are the world’s hidden heroes—the real wonder women. Zada now lives ten minutes from the Lebanese border of her homeland, Syria. Her story, like so many, is one of fleeing the violence and devastation of their homeland, overcoming insurmountable odds to protect their kids, clinging fiercely to the hope that the children of Syria can have a future.

Image: Christine Anderson

The makeshift camps we visited nestled in Beqaa Valley where the poppy fields were in full bloom, are filled with 10 by 12 foot rooms, tarped against rain and snow for the recent winter months. Tens of thousands of Syrians call these camps home. Since 2011, the entire population of Lebanon has increased by half as they opened their gates to over 2 million people, the majority of which are women and children, fleeing the civil war of their neighbor to the east.

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June 2017

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