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  • Examining Adoption Ethics
    The Adoption Crisis, Part 3
    Some of us will raise the money, some will raise awareness, and some will raise the kids—but it will take all of us together to make an impact.
  • Examining Adoption Ethics
    The Adoption Crisis, Part 2
    Adoption as an answer to a tragedy, not an impetus for one
  • Why I Stopped Climbing the Corporate Ladder
    I had everything, and it still wasn't enough.
  • Trusting in the Midst of Terror
    Twelve years after 9/11, there's still only one safe harbor.
  • In a Difficult Marriage?
    Some things you can do to stick it out
  • Staying Married through Tragedies
    Divorce after tragedy is not inevitable. Here are eight ways to get through the hard times.
  • For Better or For Worst
    Two couples who have faced tragic, unforeseen circumstances—together.
  • Fireproof
    The flames destroyed our house. What had they done to us?
  • Offering Hope Overseas
    Women and girls put themselves on the line to bring relief to tsunami victims.
  • My Son's Drug Problem
    Would our family survive his addiction?
  • Beyond the Blues
    My post-delivery depression left me feeling ashamed and alone.
  • Back from the Brink
    When massive debt and a life-threatening medical crisis hit her uninsured family, financial expert Deborah McNaughton was forced to follow her own professional advice. And in her greatest need, she discovered God's loving provision.
  • From Tears to Joy
    How my miscarriage led to a ministry for unwed mothers
  • When a friend is hurting
    Five ways to share God's comfort in a crisis
  • It's Time to Change How You Talk to God
    9 ways to revitalize your prayer life

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April 15, 2024
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
The risky call to love like Christ

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