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  • What Husbands NeedSubscriber Access Only
    A wife's guide to understanding her spouse
  • 33 Days of Spending LessSubscriber Access Only
    What I’m learning about simplicity and Target through my shopping fast
  • The Uncanny Provision of GodSubscriber Access Only
    He can move the entire created world to act on behalf of his children
  • What's in It for Me?Subscriber Access Only
    When our consumer mentality infiltrates our spiritual lives.
  • The Danger of "Deserve"Subscriber Access Only
    What happens when we live like we're entitled.
  • A Cheerful GiverSubscriber Access Only
    My son taught me a needed lesson about Christ-like generosity.
  • Keeping Up with the JonesesSubscriber Access Only
    I'm as guilty of me-too-ism as the next person, but what does that really say about my commitment to be a person of transformative contentment?
  • The Curse of the CapableSubscriber Access Only
  • Won't You Be a Neighbor?Subscriber Access Only
    Living out God's greatest commandment.
  • A Library for a Needy NeighborhoodSubscriber Access Only
  • It's Not About SatisfactionSubscriber Access Only
    Why marriage has a purpose even when it isn't working
  • MWM Seeks MWFSubscriber Access Only
    What marriage might look like as a personal ad
  • A Commuter MarriageSubscriber Access Only
    Chuck thought Marita should support his job move. She thought he should consider her job needs, too.
  • End of the Road?Subscriber Access Only
    Maybe I should have listened to my wife's suggestion after all.
  • Sticks and Stones …Subscriber Access Only
    3 surprising ways your words impact your spouse.

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May 20, 2018
There Is No "Safe" Jesus There Is No "Safe" JesusSubscriber Access Only
The risky call to love like Christ
May 25

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