Beth's Passion

Bible study teacher Beth Moore is on fire for God. Here's how you can be, too.

What do you mean by "chains of sin"?

I'm careful to stay general with the details, but I've been open about the fact I was victimized as a child.

The first time I can recall anything about my abuse, I was very young. My victimization wasn't constant, because my victimizer didn't have continual access to me. But it certainly was enough to mess me up at a time when I was figuring out who I was. I was pigeon-toed. I had buckteeth. I had the hairiest legs in the free world. My mother wouldn't let me shave them for the longest time—and fishnet tights were in! Even though I did well in school, I had the worst self-esteem imaginable.

Many wonderful things happened to me as a child. I was loved. I was raised in the church. But I'm not convinced there's enough good to offset the devastation of abuse.

So what led you to Jesus?

My Sunday-school teacher would hold up pictures of Jesus, and he looked so nice. I needed a hero, and Jesus seemed like one. I'd lie on the grass, stare up at the sky, and wonder what Jesus was like. Even as a child, I fell in love with him.

After my freshman year in college, I was a camp counselor for sixth-grade girls. Early one morning, as the girls were sleeping, I sensed God's presence enfold me. There were no audible words, no bright lights. But suddenly I knew, without a doubt, my future was entirely his. You are now mine, he told me.

It took me a long time to break free from self-destruction. Yet even in those turbulent years, Jesus drew me back every single time. I couldn't stand anything that put a distance between Christ and me. I still can't. His presence is everything to me.

How can we experience that kind of passion?

By studying his Word. I tell women to pick a Bible study and fully participate. Do the homework. Get together with the other women. And ask God to light a fire for his Word in your heart. That's a prayer to which he'll never answer no. It doesn't matter whose Bible study series it is; if it has a sound approach to God's Word, for crying out loud, do it.

I love what it says in Matthew 13:11-12—that to those who've been given kingdom secrets, he gives more. In other words, Jesus reveals himself progressively as we seek him. He becomes a glorious, holy addiction.

As you've taught on Daniel recently, have any insights knocked your socks off?

Absolutely. I was struck by the parallel between ancient Babylon and today. Babylon was a spectacular city, the center of commerce, not unlike our self-absorbed, consumer-oriented culture. Isaiah 47:8 talks about the daughter of Babylon saying, "I am, and there is none beside me." That's the mindset we're surrounded by today.

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