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October 2011

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Hope and Help for an Unexpected Pregnancy

Hope and Help for an Unexpected Pregnancy Subscriber access only

What to do when a surprise baby is coming

Thoughts on Death Subscriber access only

Praying for Hollywood

Praying for Hollywood Subscriber access only

What if we viewed the entertainment industry as a mission field rather than a battlefield?
Feeling Thrown Away

Feeling Thrown Away Subscriber access only

We were made for Christian community—so why was I so lonely?

60 Days to . . . A True Picture of Myself Subscriber access only

A 12-Steps Marriage

A 12-Steps Marriage

After 10 years of life with an alcoholic, I finally learned that I was part of the problem in our marriage.

The Prodigal Reader Subscriber access only

Finding mystery and meaning in Jesus' parables

Kicking Hospitality Out of the Kitchen Subscriber access only

Is it really about the “home arts” or something deeper?

Lessons from the Campaign Trail Subscriber access only

We knew it would be a great learning experience, but I didn't know I'd be learning about my marriage.

Frustrated Instead of Fulfilled? Subscriber access only

4 reasons you might have a gifts misfit
Me Time

Me Time Subscriber access only

Praying for others is necessary, but so is praying for yourself.

To Know and Be Known Subscriber access only

If we’re so connected why are we so lonely?