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What I'm Learning About: Prayer

What I'm Learning About: Prayer

Learning to pray for each other and ourselves

Following Jesus's lead to pray without ceasing can take us from simple dialogue to deep intercession on behalf of others. Here's what four women have been learning about the importance of taking time to pray for each other and ourselves.

Jan Lazo-Davis

Bowing my head in frustration I cried out to God, "Lord, I have no words to intercede on behalf of Mantombi. Your Holy Spirit gives me suggestions of what to pray for, but today, as I listen to you, I feel barren. I have no words."

I admired the small, delicately crafted cross serving as a bookmark in my Bible. Mantombi, a beautiful, lyrical name was written on a card attached to the cross by a gauzy gold ribbon. Mantombi. The heavyset woman's dark, wrinkled, weathered face flashed across my mind.

"What do I pray for you?" I whispered.

Sitting in church the day before, I was moved as I listened to our women's ministry leaders describe their experiences visiting and ministering to the people in KwaZulu Natal, ...

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January 2012

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