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What I Find Most Attractive about Your Husband

What I Find Most Attractive about Your Husband

It's the one thing I like best about a man
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How embarrassing. You caught me staring. I'll admit it. But there is just one thing I can't help admiring about your husband. In fact, whenever I see this incredibly attractive feature in a man—well, I just can't help but glance and gawk.

The most attractive feature I notice about your husband is … his wedding ring. When I notice a man's wedding band, I know that he is a man of honor and integrity, and that he has committed his life to a woman. I imagine him standing up before the world and pledging his life and love to you. I know that he is taking the hard road of forsaking all others and keeping himself only unto you.

That little gold band is a symbol of his commitment to stay with you through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, in good times and bad. And when I see that ring, I know that he's had a few good times—and a few bad. I'm sure there have been days when he gave you a foot rub when he'd rather have been caressed. He's probably held you when you were wretched with the flu. He's eaten a few charred bites and claimed it was delicious. Maybe he has rubbed your back through some contractions, or been loyal through the hormones, headaches, and histrionics.

Or perhaps he caressed your belly and felt that little person tumbling and somersaulting inside you, when he'd have rather been the one rolling around with you. Or watched as your embrace consoled or nursed a little one, when he was left aching in hunger. Perhaps he's held you while you cried, knowing he was no substitute for the love you longed to birth.

Or maybe someday he'll go off to work in the early morning hours, leaving a toddler cuddled up beside you when he'd rather be curled around you. He'll buy bikes for the kids when he'd rather have some new wheels of his own.

He's looked forward to coming home, hoping for some romance, only to find you frazzled and frustrated. He's waited and affirmed while you tried on countless outfits (and carried your purse), and watched a chick flick instead of hanging out with the guys. And he keeps chipping away at that honey-do list at home, when the weather is perfect for puttering around at the golf course.

He's looked away when his eyes might have lingered, and he's said no thanks to a few things he's not even mentioned to you. That ring means he is a man of character. The ring proves that he knows the meaning of keeping himself only unto you; forsaking all others is a never-ending circle for him.

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June 03, 2013  12:41am

That article would be okay if that's how it actually worked. It's very antiquated and unrealistic. I am a Christian woman but I have a problem with the rose colored glasses so many Christians view marriage through, especially the women. There's the way things are and the way they ought to be. Unfortunately, marriages today often are more harsh reality than happily ever after. Not only does this article perpetuate stereotypes about married women (and men), it creates the image that single women are unfulfilled and envious of "your man." Though I'm single I've seen the ugly side of some marriages. From being approached by "happily married" men to being a shoulder to cry on when a friend finds out her perfect Christian marriage is as vulnerable as a secular marriage, I'm reminded that just wearing a ring doesn't bring happiness or fulfillment. I don't covet anyone else's marriage. Though if I'm lucky enough I'll one day get to worry about my own ;)

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March 31, 2013  9:52am

Your article is also very one sided. You make it sound like its a burden for him to be faithful with those wondering eyes and hidden desires, you praise him for not telling you about those possible sexual conquests that he's turned down and not told you about, and criminalized yourself for snuggling with your toddler in the morning while he's going to work or feeling the life BOTH of you created while he's sexually deprived. You put down women for being frazzled after spending the day with frustrating children. You really take disrespect for women and man praise to a new sick level. Its like you've been reading a 1950's book on how to be the perfect wifey. You're the perfect doormat. Remember, the door swings both ways. Men should be lucky we even bare their children , don't sleep with whomever we find attractive as much as we'd like to. We wash their nasty laundary. We do without when they feel too tired or too old to perform. Think twice sister.

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March 31, 2013  9:32am

Wedding rings mean nada. It is rather niave to thing a man has integrety because he sports a wedding ring. In my experience, those mean nothing.

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