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Nicole Unice

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Nicole Unice lives loud. As a mom, ministry leader, counselor, and author, Nicole has spent more than a decade studying and teaching about the way women relate to God. She speaks nationally at women's and students' events and love to connect with people face-to-face and online. She is the author of She's Got Issues and is a regular contributor to TCW's sister resource Gifted for Leadership. Nicole makes her home in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband and three kids. www.nicoleunice.com

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Nicole Unice

Overcoming Intellectual Obstacles to Faith

4 tough questions unbelievers ask, and ways you can respond
Nicole Unice

How to Pick a Fight with God

Real relationship demands real honesty
Nicole Unice

The Great Connection

Helping friends find faith
Nicole Unice

Talking Sex with Singles Subscriber access only

How to lead a grace-filled conversation with your single friends
Nicole Unice

Big Surprises Come in God-Size Packages Subscriber access only

Anticipating the gift of Jesus

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