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Renee James

Renee James  RSSEmail

Renee James is communications director for Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec (CBWOQ) and editor of its award-winning magazine The Link & Visitor. Prior to this position, she spent 19 years working her way up the ladder at two of Canada's largest ad agencies and another 7 years as administrative pastor at a downtown Toronto Convention Baptist church. Renee earned her first degree in English literature and mass communications from York University, Toronto, so her love for and appreciation of good words chosen well, comes naturally. Renee loves to write about the grace notes in our lives—those notes of lament and hope we all sing that glide, finally, into the only note that matters: God’s unyielding love for us.

Married to Jeffry since 1986 and a mother since 2007, she leads worship, prayer-walks, writes a blog, and gets her game on through a variety of fitness classes. And Renee enjoys curling up in a pool of sunlight on a wintry afternoon, book in hand.

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