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Natalie Lederhouse

Natalie Lederhouse

Marketing and Communications Manager

Natalie Lederhouse is the marketing and sommunications manager for Today's Christian Woman, and is also a contributing writer. Natalie graduated from Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana, with a BA in both journalism and biblical studies and has a master's degree in Christian Formation and Ministry from Wheaton College.

Natalie is passionate about women's ministry in the local church. She's the Women's Retreat Coordinator, volunteers with the college ministry, and serves on the women's ministry team at her church. In her free time, Natalie enjoys watching cooking shows with her husband, Jeremy, and perusing Pinterest for new decorating ideas. Follow Natalie on Twitter at @nataliejean.

Natalie Lederhouse's Newest ArticlesNatalie Lederhouse's Newest Articles

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August 21, 2017
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May 25

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