Running Yourself Ragged?

Here are five good reasons to get your schedule under control.

It was "errands morning," and for several hours I raced through the tasks listed in my organizer. Finding myself near the fast-food district, I decided to splurge on a drive-through lunch. After all, I had a coupon.

Sneaking through the back of several adjacent parking lots, I pulled up to an order monitor and said coolly, "One regular roast beef on a 99-cent coupon, please."

As I dug in my organizer for that elusive coupon, I heard the monitor reply, "Ma'am, do you know where you are?"

"Right in my car," I said, "ordering a roast beef ."

"Ma'am," the voice continued, "we don't do roast beef. This is Kentucky Fried Chicken."

As I looked around, I realized I'd overshot Arby's by two businesses. I meekly waved goodbye to the chicken people as I slinked past the pickup window.

Sometimes God sends a reminder that I'm trying to go too far, too fast. My good intentions end up bungled and I fulfill the old saying, "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get."

It took a few crimson-faced incidents such as the roast beef blunder to teach me what God really meant by Proverbs 19:2: "It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way."

There are days, of course, when rushing around is simply unavoidable, writes time management expert Sybil Stanton, author of The 25-Hour Woman. But that, cautions Stanton, should be the exception, not a way of life.

Try planning each day with attainable goals to cut down on senseless running. If you typically find yourself on a schedule that "keeps going and going" like a battery bunny, consider these reasons for applying some brakes to your runaway lifestyle.

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