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A fun way to include children in your small group Bible study

Several months ago, my husband and I felt a growing need to provide more guidance and spiritual mentoring for our two children, Emily (11) and Erin (9). Though our girls had always been involved in Sunday-school programs and clubs while Lorne and I attended our own church meetings and Bible studies, we felt there was something missing.

We knew what that something was. We weren?t sharing as a family what we were learning about God. Our children had no idea what exactly we did at a Bible study. In fact, they rarely saw us open a Bible because any personal study waited until they were in bed. While our daughters knew that we were a Christian family, that conclusion came more from the types of meetings we attended than from actually seeing us spend time with God each day.

I really admire families who are disciplined enough to maintain regular devotions. Mine is not one of them. We had tried family devotions when the girls were preschoolers (I think twice counts as "trying"). I hope they cherish those moments.

The yearning to express our faith as a family and the failure to do that consistently sparked an idea. We invited two other families to join us in an all-ages

Bible study. We envisioned something that went beyond just finding things for our children to do while we studied Scripture with other adults. We wanted to create a way for our family to grow closer to God together. Our family Bible study turned out to be one of the most fulfilling experiences we?ve had as a Christian family.

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