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"My son doesn't want me to date."

real-life advice from readers

Patti in Oregon wrote: "I'm the single mother of a 10-year-old son. I recently started dating and my son is having a very difficult time dealing with my new relationship. I need some practical ideas for helping him adjust."

Here are your suggestions:

Pray together. My sister is the single mom of a 6-year-old and they often pray together for the man God has for mommy. This gives the child a sense of being involved so that when my sister begins to build friendships with men, her daughter isn't quite so threatened by it.

Pam S. ? Shelton, Washington

Provide reassurance. Your son is probably used to having you all to himself and doesn't want to share. Sit down and talk to him, explaining that you need friends just like he does, but that doesn't mean you love him any less. Above all, listen. His thoughts and feelings are very real.

Jeryl H. ? Lawrenceville, Georgia

Make special plans. Your son might be feeling left out. Plan something special for your son to do when you're on a date, like visiting a friend or seeing a ballgame.

Cheryl T. ? St. Louis, Missouri

Don't rush into it. Your son will need some time to adjust because until now, he hasn't had to share you with anyone else. Meet your date on more neutral territory, like a movie theater or restaurant. Wait until the relationship becomes more serious until you introduce your friend to your son.

Elizabeth B. ? Clermont, Florida

Have fun together. Plan some activities that you know your son will enjoy and make a date with both your son and boyfriend. Give your son the chance to interact with your boyfriend in a fun, comfortable environment. The more positive interactions your son has with your boyfriend, the more he may be willing to accept your new relationship.

Patty J. ? Corvallis, Oregon

Help Me!

Lori from Michigan writes: "Last fall, when we changed our clocks back for daylight savings time, it really threw off my daughter's bedtime schedule. It took us more than a month to get her back into a good routine. I'm already worrying about what will happen when we 'spring' forward. Can you help?"

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