No Time for God?

Author Julie Baker shares how busy moms can rekindle their spiritual lives.

Admit it. You love your kids, you love your husband, but what you'd really love is a moment of peace and quiet, a little time for yourself. We moms are so busy making sure the needs of our families are met that we often neglect our own needs, especially our spiritual needs. Julie Baker, founder and executive producer of the Time Out for Women conferences and author of the Time Out series of books (Cook), understands our dilemma. For more than six years, she's been speaking with thousands of moms all over the country about their need to take a time out and get in touch with God. We talked with Julie to find out how we parents can give ourselves permission to make time for our own spiritual and emotional needs.

CPT: We've been taught that putting our family before ourselves is what godly women do. Is there anything wrong with that?

Julie: I like what John Maxwell, the pastor, author, and speaker, says about this topic. He says that we often need to say no to the good to say yes to the best. A lot of what fills up our days is just part of the job of being a mom. It's not like we're doing selfish things. We're doing something that feels like it needs to be done, like washing clothes or making lunch. But it's not necessarily the best thing.

To find the best thing, we need to ask ourselves, "Is this choice going to underscore my value system?" Something that's really helped me with that is to look at Christ's example. He often left all the busyness behind and went up on a mountain to pray. Are we doing the same thing? Putting the eternal first doesn't have to be overwhelming. It can be as simple as writing in a journal every morning or spending two or three minutes a day with the Lord.

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