Family Time with God

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Family devotions don't have to be formal sit-down events. Use these quick ideas to connect with your kids during meals, in the car, or at bedtime. The more involved "Family Night" ideas will help you create memorable evenings (or afternoons) with the whole crew. Whether you use one of these ideas each week or only manage to squeeze in a couple during the next two months, you'll be teaching your children that any time is a great time to learn about God.

Mealtime Moments

Eat It Up

Prayer: Thank you Lord for this food and for your Word, which is food for our hearts (Jeremiah 15:16).

Main Course: Serve alphabet cereal, alphabet soup, or alphabet macaroni and cheese. See who can spell out a short Bible word (such as "God" or "love") on a plate first, then eat the words.

Table Talk: Ask your family these questions:

  • Which Bible verse "tastes" sweetest to you? Why?
  • Even if you chew food, why doesn't it do you any good until you digest it?
  • How exactly do we "digest" God's Word?
Stone Cold Heart

Prayer: Thank you, God, for promising to remove our hearts of stone (Ezekiel 36:26).

Main Course: Serve baked potatoes wrapped in foil. Wrap some potato-sized rocks with foil and set them on a plate beside the real potatoes.

Table Talk: Ask each person to use their fork to pick up a "potato" from each plate. How is getting a fork into a rock like trying to talk to someone with a hard heart? Why does God want us to have "soft" hearts?

Joy Ride

Three of a Kind

Ask your children what object is associated with each list:

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