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Christmas Creations

I can remember sitting in my Grandma's kitchen every Christmas, listening to holiday music and making a special keepsake that I still have today. I have carried on her traditions in my own family. Here are some easy Christmas treasures you can make with your children:

? Write Bible passages on the back of decorative gift tags, fasten each one to a plate of homemade cookies or candy, and give it to a friend who isn't familiar with the Bible. You can also hang the gift tags, one for each day of Advent, on a small tabletop tree and let the kids take turns reading them each day. When the gift tags are gone, it's Christmas!

? Make a handprint tree by tracing your children's handprints onto green construction paper. Glue one handprint, fingers pointing down, onto another piece of paper. This will be the top of the tree. Fan out the rest of the handprints and glue to the paper to make the rest of the tree. See how the trees you made each year "grow" as your children get older.

? Have each child paint a wooden ornament dated for that year. When the children have grown and have homes of their own, these ornaments will remind them of their childhood Christmas.

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