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June 2002

God's-Eye View
Help your children discover the wonderful diversity of God's people around the world.
Family Time with God
Try our quick and easy family devotions for all ages.
Detour Ahead!
Motherhood is full of surprises. Some are minor, some are as big as a plus sign on a stick.
Drawing Conclusions
A simple tool for helping your child getmore out of church
The Ground Rules
Help your family resolve conflict with this Bible-based model.
A Rebellious Teenager
"My 14-year-old daughter has absolutely no repect for authority. She's started stealing, fighting, and manipulating everyone she meets. I speak God's Word to her daily, but she even perverts the Word to get what she wants. Please help me."
Grow in the Garden
Plant a garden with your kids and watch their understanding of God's love grow.
Room Wars
How to deal with the disaster area your child calls his room.
Is Your Teen on the Fringe?
Signs that your child is feeling left out and how you can help.
Long-Distance Dad
Ideas for keeping a connection with your children while you're away.
Reflecting God
You'd be surprised what your infant is learning about God.
40 Ways to Pray for Your Children
40 Ways to Pray for Your Children
Get specific with these simple prayers for your child's character.
Behind on Potty Training?
My son is nearly 4 and is still not potty trained. We have tried every technique in the book, including giving him time outs, ignoring his accidents, offering incentives, and giving positive reinforcement. I'm concerned that we haven't been firm enough with him and now he's learned that he can control us. At what point do we put our foot down?
The Serious Side of Silly
What your child learns from all that giggling.
Classic Movies
Great movies for girls and boys.
I Was the Perfect Mom
True confessions of a real life parent
When Dieting Spells Danger
How one family found healing after an eating disorder nearly killed their son.
Rekindling the Passion After Kids
Lost that lovin feeling? Take heart. Parents really can have a love life.
Why Kids Need Family Reunions
Connecting with your extended family can have an eternal impact.

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June 16, 2024
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
The risky call to love like Christ

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