Family Time with God

Try our quick and easy family devotions for all ages.

Family devotions don't have to be formal sit-down events. Use these quick ideas to connect with your kids during meals, in the car, or at bedtime. The more involved "Family Night" ideas will help you create memorable evenings (or afternoons) with the whole crew. We've also added some activities just for toddlers so that even your youngest children will discover that anytime is a great time to learn about God.

Mealtime Moments

1. Banana-mals

Ages 3 and up
Mealtime Prayer: Have each person thank God for one of the amazing, wonderful, or funny animals he created.
Main Course: Place a bowl of fruit on the table for dessert. Be sure to include a banana for each person and smaller fruits, such as apple slices, grapes, berries, or raisins. Peel bananas to make bodies for your banana-mals. Use toothpicks to attach other chunks of fruit to make arms, legs, heads, tails, and even faces.
Table Talk: If you were God, what kind of animals would you make? Do you think God had fun creating all the different kinds of animals?

2. Grounded

Ages 4 and up
Mealtime Prayer: Help us, like Samuel, to have none of our words fall to the ground (1 Samuel 3:19).
Main Course: Serve a bag of mini marshmallows for dessert. Take turns throwing one marshmallow up in the air and trying to catch it in your mouth. Each time someone catches one, they get a point. The first person to get to five wins.
Table Talk: The Bible verse means that Samuel's words were trustworthy and that he always kept his promises. What kind of words "fall to the ground"? How can you keep your words from falling to the ground?

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