Classic Movies

Great movies for girls and boys.

Especially For Girls

1. Ever After (1998, Twentieth Century Fox, PG/PG-13) This uniquely intelligent Cinderella story eliminates the fairy godmother and magic, focusing instead on witty dialogue, humor, and surprises to reach the same loving conclusion. Wholesome and rewarding. One note: the PG-13 rating is for the theatrical release and the DVD version of the film. That rating is based on momentary strong language. The video version had been edited slightly and is rated PG for brief language and mild thematic elements.

2. A Little Princess (1995, Warner, G) A rich and pampered little girl is left at boarding school while her father goes to war. When he is reported killed in action, she is reduced to being a maid, terribly mistreated, surprisingly befriended, and finally rescued.
All ages.

Especially For Boys

1. High Noon (1952, Republic, NR) In this landmark western, townspeople profess admiration for their town marshal but refuse to assist him when he rises to their defense. A study in courage and integrity —the qualities that make a good leader.

2. October Sky (1999, Universal, PG) The true story of a coal miner's son whose longing for a brighter future is misunderstood by his father but nurtured by a teacher who introduces him to rocket science. Archetypal father/son issues, real-life family problems, sacrificial giving.

—Barbara Curtis

Summer 2002, Vol. 14, No. 3, Page 11

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