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September 2002

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Delight in Your Child's DesignSubscriber Access Only
How understanding his God-given personality traits can help you be a better parent.
Talk to God TogetherSubscriber Access Only
Why praying with your spouse can boost your marriage and your faith
When Life's on HoldSubscriber Access Only
Three ways to find worth in your wait.
We're Moving in Together
We're Moving in TogetherSubscriber Access Only
I never imagined I'd hear my son utter those words.
Discovering a Healthier YouSubscriber Access Only
Christian wellness professional Ruth McGinnis offers tips to help you feel better and more balanced physically and spiritually.
23 Years of Abstinence
23 Years of AbstinenceSubscriber Access Only
With no regrets
Welcome to Their World
Welcome to Their WorldSubscriber Access Only
6 strategies for strengthening your influence on your kids
Open HouseSubscriber Access Only
How to share your home and your heart with the neighborhood kids.
Family Fun HouseSubscriber Access Only
Enjoying playtime together is one of the best ways for families to stay connected. Try these ideas.
Building a Firm FaithSubscriber Access Only
The best approach to shaping the faith of your child is to lay a strong framework of trust in God.
Family Time with GodSubscriber Access Only
Try our quick and easy family devotions for all ages
Can We Talk?Subscriber Access Only
A simple way to deepen conversations with your kids
Letting GoSubscriber Access Only
I'm having trouble letting my three boys go out on their own. They are still young, but I see their friends staying home alone or walking to other friends' houses. What kind of guidelines should I use to give them a little more freedom?
Grumbling to GratitudeSubscriber Access Only
From dirty diapers to frantic schedules: Can we really be thankful in everything?
The Eternal Power of MusicSubscriber Access Only
The spiritual benefits of turning your kids on to music
Big DoubtsSubscriber Access Only
What do to when your child expresses second thoughts about his faith.
"I Hate Church!"Subscriber Access Only
What to do when your child doesn't want to go to church anymore.
The Ultimate Prayer GuideSubscriber Access Only
What the Lord's Prayer can teach your family about talking with God
Growing Together When You're ApartSubscriber Access Only
When you have to go out of town without your kids, here's how to make the separation a positive experience for you and your kids.
Black Socks & Brotherly LoveSubscriber Access Only
A special Little League game helped me remember the joy of parenting.
Bring Out Their BestSubscriber Access Only
How to build your child's character through loving, values-based discipline.
Think Outside the BoxSubscriber Access Only
How to turn off the TV and take back your family life.
Family-Sized ServiceSubscriber Access Only
As you find ways to reach out to others, why not bring the kids?
The Heart of HouseworkSubscriber Access Only
Giving kids household chores can result in more than just a clean home

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April 21, 2018
There Is No "Safe" Jesus There Is No "Safe" JesusSubscriber Access Only
The risky call to love like Christ
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