Have Mercy!

This spring, Nancy Alcorn celebrates the 20th anniversary of Mercy Ministries, which offers God's hope and healing to girls struggling with addictions, eating disorders, unwed pregnancy, and abuse—girls not so unlike the bulimic teen she once was.

Since then, the 20-bed Monroe home has been filled to capacity with a waiting list, and other Mercy homes have opened their doors. In 1990, Nancy moved back to Nashville and began planting seeds for a Mercy home that opened there in 1995. Both the Monroe and Nashville locations house an adoption agency for pregnant Mercy girls who decide to give their babies up for adoption. Since 1985, the ministry has placed hundreds of babies into loving adoptive families across the U.S. In 2000, worship leader Darlene Zschech and her husband, Mark, established Mercy Ministries of Australia and opened a Mercy home near their church in Sydney. Also that year, Joyce and Dave Meyer of Joyce Meyer Ministries deeded property to Mercy Ministries for a future St. Louis home. Funds currently are being raised for renovation costs for the facility on the St. Louis property as well as for a second home in Australia. Plans also are underway to open homes in New Zealand, the UK, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Houston.

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