Family Night Fun

Have a blast learning more about God

Point: God looks beyond the mask and into our hearts.

Gather: Simple costumes or masks.

Go: Have each family member come to family night in costume. Then guess who each person is supposed to be.

Ask: Why is it fun to dress up in costumes? Do you even pretend to be someone you're not at school, at work, at church? Why do people sometimes hide themselves behind a "mask"?

Read:1 Samuel 16:7

Share: Have each person talk about a time they felt judged by how they look or what people thought of them. Why is God more concerned with our hearts than with the way we look or act?

Remember: The mask, you see, is hypocrisy.

Pray: Ask God to help you be real with your friends and family.

Focusing on Others

Point: Love is unselfish-it focuses on others.

Gather: A snack and a Bible.

Go: Have each family member take turns mirroring each other. Have one person sit directly across from another and copy that person's actions.

Ask: What was necessary for doing this activity well? How is this activity like love?

Read:1 Corinthians 13

Share: We can have the same love God has for us by focusing on other people rather than ourselves.

Remember: Christian love isn't self-seeking which means that it isn't selfish. True Christian love is expressed without expecting anything in return.

Pray: Allow time for each family member to share prayer concerns or answers to prayer.

Mealtime Moments

1. "Peas" Pass the Veggies

Mealtime Prayer: Thank God that his word teaches us right from wrong. Ask him to help you choose what is right.
Main Course: Daniel was a young man who loved the Lord. He was invited to a royal feast, but there was a problem. Daniel didn't want to eat the meat because he knew it had been offered to an idol. He decided to eat vegetables instead. Read Daniel 1:8-16.

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