A Letter to Single Mothers: Your Best Is Good Enough

And that will always be the case.
A Letter to Single Mothers: Your Best Is Good Enough

Dear Single Mom,

I see you. I see you trying to grab extra hours at work so that you can buy your kids at least a few Christmas presents. I see you wearing those clothes you’ve had for years so that your youngest can get a new winter coat. I see you watching Frozen yet again because you love to hear your kids laugh and sing along, even though you’re desperate for “real” TV like Survivor or The Bachelor.

I also see you crying into your pillow at night because you’re overwhelmed and underappreciated. I see you balancing that checkbook with fear in your eyes because you don’t know how the ends are going to meet. I see you watching your kids argue in the backseat, yet again, and you just don’t have the energy to make them quiet down.

I see you, and I want you to know that what you’re doing is good enough.

Your best is good enough.

You are good enough.

I’m not going to paint some idealized picture of what life will be like because by now you know that’s just not true. In your daily routines, Pinterest meals are replaced by Pizza Hut, and cleaning is what you do when you manage to stick the empty paper towel tube into the garbage. Your life isn’t perfect. In fact, your life is messy, and you make plenty of mistakes.

But none of those mistakes are going to keep your children away from God’s plan for them.

As the product of a single parent home, I can tell you that what you’re doing is enough.

I don’t remember a single present I didn’t get off my Christmas lists (which were lengthy and detailed, often color-coded and itemized by prioritization), but I can tell you several meaningful gifts my mother, one of the best gifters I know, has given—like my opal ring, similar to the ring that her mother gave her, or the expensive makeup I received for several years so that I could use the good stuff on my acne-prone skin.

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Joy Beth Smith

Joy Beth Smith is the assistant editor for Today's Christian Woman. You can follow her on Twitter at @JBsTwoCents or Instagram at @jbstwocents or on her website JoyBethSmith.com.

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Today's Christian Woman, February Week 2, 2015
Posted February 11, 2015

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