Why Do You Want to Get Married So Badly?

A bachelor speaks: Pursue your dreams (not your dream guy).
Why Do You Want to Get Married So Badly?

When I arrived at my early twenties, I had expected the marriages, but not the marriage blog posts.

They came almost on cue: As soon as that first college friend Facebooked her engagement, her single friends started linking to articles like “Why You Should Stop Praying for a Husband and Go Find One,” “7 Marriage Myths the Church Told Me,” or “The Joy of Marrying My Best Frenemy.”

With articles like those, my news feed sometimes looks like the cover of Cosmo: Focus on the Family Edition. It’s usually insightful stuff, though, and I can see how it resonates if you’re 26, can’t get so much as a second date, and want to believe there’s a plan but can’t shake the terrifying feeling that—in an increasingly religion- and commitment-shy generation—you’re playing a rigged game.

But watching from the sidelines with the other marriageable dudes, I have to wonder: What makes us such a big deal anyway?

God's Brightest Recruits

I mean, just look at us: You’re posting about the theology of love while we’re posting pictures of hamburgers with buns made of fried chicken. We’re more likely than ever to live with our parents and settle for unpaid internships after college, while less community minded, less politically savvy, and less comfortable with the idea of marriage. If you really believe there’s a purpose for your life, maybe one of us would just get in the way.

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Dating; Loneliness; Marriage; Passion; Singleness
Today's Christian Woman, February Week 2, 2015
Posted February 11, 2015

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