Do You Really Believe God Loves You?

The truth that changes everything
Do You Really Believe God Loves You?

She sat across from me in a quiet coffee shop. Her shoulders seemed to stoop from carrying an invisible weight. “I’m trying so hard,” she said, “and it just never seems to be enough.” I nodded my head in understanding. I’ve heard similar confessions from women around the world. The words show up in my inbox. They’re whispered to me after speaking engagements. I hear them often as a life coach. And, of course, I’ve said them myself.

After years of struggling with feelings of insecurity and inadequacy, I realized we have two choices: we can believe in and receive God’s passionate and perfect love for us, or we can spend our lives trying to be perfect to make sure we’re loved.

Living in Love

Aren’t you tired? Aren’t you sick of striving? Aren’t you ready to let go of all that worry? Then let today be the day when everything starts changing for you, like it did for me. God doesn’t want us to live in fear. He has given everything so we can live in love instead.

As much as it feels like it on some days, the world is not on our shoulders; it’s in God’s hands.

Love is where we must always begin with God. “But anyone who does not love does not know God, for God is love” (). Through the years I’ve looked into the eyes of hurting women and asked, “Do you really believe God loves you—not just tolerates you?” Most often the reaction is tears springing to their eyes.

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Faith; God's Love; Passion; Salvation
Today's Christian Woman, March Week 3, 2015
Posted March 18, 2015

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