Taking On "The Talk"

How do I bring up the "birds and the bees"?

I have two children ages four and six. I want to train my kids to lead sexually pure lives when they enter their teen years. When and what are the best ways to talk to my children about sex?

Everywhere you turn, the world is talking about sex. That's why it's so important you join the conversation and keep the dialogue with your kids open and honest!

Here's how we've handled this issue in our family; you can decide whether you think it might be effective with your children.

When each of our children turned ten, my husband, Steve, and I took them to a hotel for an overnighter, just the three of us. We would check in one early afternoon and spend the rest of the day doing something fun together.

Before heading out to dinner, we read the chapter "Male+Female+God's Gift of Life=Baby," from a book entitled How You Are Changing (Concordia), by Jane Graver. This was the moment when our son, Tucker, responded with, "I should have packed a barf bag!" and when our daughter, Haven, began with, "You mean our pastor did that?" then proceeded to ask the same question about every parent she knew.

Over dinner, we answered any questions our children had (although at this point, Tucker never wanted to hear the word "sex" again!). When we returned to the hotel, we read a few chapters from the book, What's the Big Deal: Why God Cares About Sex (NavPress), by Stan and Brenna Jones. Steve and I like this book because it forthrightly answers so many questions from a godly perspective without giving more information than necessary. Before our son or daughter hit overload, we laid the book down for the evening, snuggled up in bed together, and rented a family movie.

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