Unique Ways to Celebrate Easter

Pointing your family to the resurrection

From the joy of Palm Sunday, to the mystery of the Last Supper, to the darkness of the Crucifixion, and finally to the wonder of Easter morning, there are all kinds of opportunities to worship, contemplate, and celebrate during the Lenten and Easter seasons.

When we have felt the weight of gloom on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we are more than ready to celebrate the greatest news the world has ever heard come Sunday morning: "Christ has indeed been raised from the dead" (1 Cor. 15:20). Here are a few ways to observe the occasion:

Butterfly release. About two weeks before Easter, purchase caterpillars from a science catalog or local natural science store. Watch them spin cocoons and change into butterflies. If the timing is right, release the butterflies on Easter Sunday. Explain that Jesus, lying in the grave, was like a caterpillar wrapped in a cocoon. Not only was he wrapped in cloth, but his body was placed in a cave with a large stone rolled in front of the entrance. But the cave couldn't hold him, just like the cocoon can't hold the caterpillar. On that first Easter morning, Jesus came out of the cave alive, just as a butterfly emerges alive from the cocoon.

If you can't find caterpillars, make symbolic caterpillars by rolling pipe cleaners around pencils. Hang the caterpillars on an Easter tree (a small tree branch in planter's foam will work well). On Sunday morning, replace them with butterflies made from wallpaper scraps or colored construction paper.

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