Fiscal Fight

Albert and Elida Roy of Springfield, Oregon, have been married eight years.

Albert's Side:

She worries too much about money.

I know my financial choices before I met Elida could have been wiser. Being a spend-it-all kind of guy, I did things like charging my final year of college to my credit card. If it's a worthy goal, I'll go all out.

When I met Elida, it seemed as though our spending habits balanced each other. I've always appreciated Elida's wisdom in money matters, and after we married I sought her advice in big financial decisions. Since we both have black belts, we decided that we would teach karate and redefine the sport to include life skills derived from the Bible. My excitement grew as the opportunity unfolded for this "ministry" to become our business.

Our dream is now a reality. It's great to put in extra time at the school, teaching kids respect and discipline, and to have Elida and our daughters there with me. We've held to our ideals; we've never turned anyone away for their lack of funds. Though it has been tough at times, our needs have been met each month. During our first year teaching, the only way we made it one month was because some friends, out of the blue, gave us groceries.

But Elida continues to worry over our bills. What wears on me is the way she forecasts disaster. I catch the fear in her eyes when I'm writing the checks to pay the bills. It's like she's condemning me for having spent money on our business supplies and on people. I can't help wondering where her trust in God and me has gone. She looks for bankruptcy papers while I stress our need to keep giving a tithe to our church.

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Arguments; Marriage; Money
Today's Christian Woman, Spring, 2001
Posted September 30, 2008

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