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The real truth about anniversary gifts

Where has the romance gone? Remember all those cute little things you used to do when you first started going out? You know, the stuff that made each of you feel like floating on air while simultaneously making your friends sick?

You may have thought it was a secret, but we all knew about those cute little notes and gifts you'd give each other on the anniversary of every month or week of your first date. We saw the stuffed animals sitting on your dashboard, the personalized poems penned in your notebook. We even heard you recite them—in baby talk, no less—when you thought we weren't paying attention. They went something like:

Remember when we first started dating?
You've grown in so many ways.
There's nothing about you that I'm hating.
I love these past ten days.

So what happened, Cupcake? First came love, then came marriage. But perhaps with the exception of bringing home a baby carriage, the fountain of spontaneous gifts dramatically slowed to the trickle of an occasional greeting card. Store-bought, not homemade.

Okay, I'll admit it. This is the story of my life. It's not that we've fallen out of love. I guess you can say we've gotten comfortable with one another.

No, I'm not cheap. And apparently, I'm not alone on this, since many couples seem to slack off a little more in the gift department with each passing year of marriage.

It all starts on your wedding day. You've heard of couples buying each other keepsake wedding gifts like pearl earrings and engraved watches—at least they did around the turn of the last century. But between selecting the cake frosting and getting that Top Ten request list ready for the band, who has time to shop? And you don't want to see each other before the ceremony—it's bad luck. So instead you send a note and some flowers letting your soon-to-be lifetime partner know how special this date is always going to be to you. You really meant to do that.

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Celebration; Gifts; Marriage
Today's Christian Woman, Winter, 2000
Posted September 30, 2008

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