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A Reason to Smile

A Q&A with Kerri Pomarolli and Ron McGhee.

Kerri Pomarolli and Ron McGhee find humor in almost any situation—even being Christians and newlyweds approaching their second anniversary. Both stand-up comedians, they've appeared together and separately in such venues as Comedy Central and The Tonight Show. With a shared passion for laughter and their faith, Kerri and Ron prove comedy—and marriage—can be good, clean fun. Here's what they had to say about blending faith and humor in marriage.

You share a good sense of humor. how else are you alike?

Kerri: We're both crazy. When we attended a Christmas party with fancy, elegantly dressed people, we tied ourselves up in red bows and Ron wore red-velvet "Santa" boxers over his pants. Our wedding cake was made of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. We're both completely outside the box.

Ron: We can make something five-star out of a one-star situation. We just add our own little touches and it becomes fun. For example, on our honeymoon we couldn't afford to stay at this fancy, $700-a-night hotel. So we'd drive over in the morning and hang out in the lobby, eating appetizers and enjoying the scenery. 

How are you different?

Kerri: I'm a Type A control freak, always on time or early. I'm like a hamster on a wheel, running, running. But Ron exists on island time. His personality is, "Amen. It's all good."

Ron: Kerri wakes up thinking about things to do. I've got to send that e-mail. I've got to get that done. She's planning her whole day. I wake up, and I'm like, Hey, pillow.

How do those differences affect your marriage?

Kerri: We try to make each other into our personality. But we've learned that's not going to happen.

Ron: We're just wired differently. And in the process of two becoming one, it's natural to try to pull your spouse to become like you. But in reality, we each need to learn to think like the other so we can meet each other's needs.

What do you argue about?

Ron: She doesn't put the liner in the trash can.

Kerri: That's a huge fight. Countries have been divided over it.

Do you use laughter to defuse conflict?

Kerri: We'll be arguing and Ron will do something—make a face or a joke. And I'm so mad at him, but I want to laugh. So I have to turn my head as if I'm going to cry so he won't see I'm laughing. Because, well, that means he wins.

Ron: But if Kerri says, "I'm serious. We've got to talk," I take the concern seriously.

How does your faith impact your marriage?

Kerri: If we weren't Christians, one of us would be arrested by now. When we have a conflict, and we're furious with each other, and then we pray about it, it's like pouring water on the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz. It just melts. If we didn't have that as our deffuser, I don't know where we'd be. 

Ron: Our faith gives our marriage a foundation. So many times we may think, Well, I guess we can never get past this impasse. You're that way; I'm this way. That's it, it's done. But God says, "No, no, no. Come to me. We'll work it out."

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Today's Christian Woman, Spring, 2007
Posted September 12, 2008

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