Keep It Zipped

Remaining faithful to your spouse can save the world.

When you're tempted to stray, remember the faces of your wife and children and all the pain you'll cause for that brief moment of pleasure," the speaker told us during a men's retreat. He recommended taking along family photos and placing them in readily seen places where they'll stare at you in your hotel room on business trips.

Good advice, I thought, but is that strong enough?

As I write this, the news is filled with stories whose basis comes down to men whose sexuality has run amuck. A seven-year-old girl from Milwaukee, Alexis Patterson, has been missing for eight weeks, presumably kidnapped while walking to school. Fourteen-year-old Elizabeth Smart is still missing after more than four weeks when an armed man forcibly removed her from her home in Utah.

Even in my hometown, Wheaton, Illinois, police sketches are posted notifying citizens to be on the lookout for a teenager who's been driving around attacking preteen girls, removing their clothes, and trying to have sex with them. After at least three attempts, he hasn't been completely successful—yet.

I'm thankful I no longer read news stories about the exploits of either Bill Clinton or Gary Condit anymore. But of course it's only a matter of time before the next sex scandal comes out.

My newspaper recently ran a story reporting that South African officials believe the HIV infection rate may have finally stabilized—at 25 percent of the adult population. Across all the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, a total of 23 million adults are estimated to be living with HIV or AIDS. This is 8.4 percent of their total adult population.

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Affair; Infidelity; Marriage
Today's Christian Woman, Fall, 2002
Posted September 30, 2008

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