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A chat with Hollywood couple Patricia Heaton and David Hunt.

Patricia Heaton, known for her role as Debra Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond, and her husband, actor/director David Hunt, are a Hollywood rarity—married 16 years in a culture where most change partners as frequently as they change roles. The co-founders of FourBoys Films, a production company named after their sons, they've produced several films together, including their latest project, The Bituminous Coal Queens of Pennsylvania. Here's what they had to say about their partnership—at work and at home.


Patricia: I was moving to New York City and David had an apartment he wanted to sublet. So he became my landlord.

David: It was great, because I had an in. I'd call her to discuss the phone bill or some such nonsense, but I ended up reading her Yeats over the phone. When she didn't hang up, I figured there was a crack in the door.


David: She has a vibrant personality and, of course, she's cute as a button. All my alarm bells went off immediately.

Patricia: Initially, I was nervous because he was an actor. Actors don't commit to anything for long—you do a job and then move on. My plan was to find someone in a steady business. But David hooked me with that British accent, and then I was in too deep.


Patricia: If I'm dealing with a business matter or have a problem with David or the kids, I think it through so my thoughts are clear before talking to David. But he blurts everything out as it comes.David: I think out loud. I'm processing as I'm saying it.

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Today's Christian Woman, Winter, 2006
Posted September 12, 2008

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