Travels with Louise and Clark

No, that's not a typo. But with a nod to the 200th anniversary of the famous expedition, here's how you can keep your marriage adventure on the move.

How can we break out of the rut?

Be an explorer!

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were explorers in the fullest sense of the word. Not merely driving toward a destination, they were traveling researchers, observing and interacting with God's creation throughout their journey. The Corps of Discovery made detailed maps and careful notes on weather and terrain, took soil and mineral samples, and catalogued 178 plants and 122 animals previously unknown to scientists.

But they didn't concentrate on just the natural world around them. Their daily journal entries reveal that Lewis and Clark were also attentive to the interior geography of their own thoughts and feelings.

How tragic that husbands and wives will be content to remain settlers when there's much to explore. Are you ready to get off the porch?

Successful exploration requires proven methods. Here are three solid strategies to re-launch your expedition:

1. Take daily exploration time. Dr. Gary Chapman says "every couple needs a daily sharing time to give each other undivided attention and to share life with each other." And that means going beyond the typical exchange of "how-was-your-day/fine-and-yours?"

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Adventure; Boredom; Marriage
Today's Christian Woman, Summer, 2003
Posted September 30, 2008

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