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Before I came to Marriage Partnership I didn't realize its core values were so radical:

—shared faith in God
—lifelong commitment
—sexual fidelity
—sacrificial love
—mutual respect.

Three things recently showed me why this magazine is so desperately needed.

The first is the correspondence I now see. One woman wrote after seeing MP for the first time: "Not knowing that it was religious, I picked it off the shelf at my city library. I enjoyed the article on 'Double Standards' [which suggests being more generous with your partner than you expect your partner to be toward you], except that I doubt it will work. If I give more in my marriage, my husband will give less and get away with more TV watching. The same can be said for me. Why do something if someone else will do it? That's what I learned growing up watching my parents. The trick is to get away with as much as you can, from using his money or car, to not cleaning a thing."

I hadn't realized that taking out the trash without being asked was so threatening. But in an age of "me first," MP stands for such high-risk behavior.

The second development has been meeting MP readers. Recently I had dinner with a group of subscribers in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I can't forget the woman who told us, "I read MP because it's not fluff—it deals with life's realities." And I was moved by the man who admitted that he's more interested in reading about marriage than his wife is. He's the one who finds an article he thinks she might appreciate and leaves the magazine on her desk, open to that page.

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